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The foundation of the Bridges ecosystem

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The foundation of Bridges

The Bridges ecosystem will consist of a token, exchange, learning platform, and user app.
Bridge$ is a multi-dividend token on BNB Chain that pays out in the BEP-20 token of your choice (currently BUSD, BTCB, or ETH). It was fairlaunched on 13 November 2021, with an anti-whale holding cap of 500,000 tokens. Two days later, when the market cap reached $5 million, that cap was increased to 1 million tokens (1% of total supply)—the only and final raise of the cap.
Seventy percent (70%) of the liquidity of Bridge$ will be locked for the first 12 months following launch. The liquidity which remains unlocked will be withdrawn and used to create the new liquidity pool when Bridges Exchange goes live.
Each transaction involving Bridge$ is taxed 5% and is broken down as follows:
3% redistributed as dividends (for all holders with at least 100 tokens)*
1% to the liquidity pool
1% to the Development Wallet
*The volume of the dividend is tied to the Bridge$ token for now, but once the exchange launches the dividends will instead be linked to the exchange’s daily volume. The share of the dividends you receive is proportional to your holdings. Use our dividend calculator to estimate your earning potential.
No whales
Locked liquidity
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Development wallet

The Bridges Development Wallet holds 10% of the circulating supply. The accrued dividends are used for development of the Bridges ecosystem and marketing of Bridges products.

Charity wallet

Our Charity Wallet also holds 10% of the circulating supply. When the exchange launches, all dividends from this wallet will be donated to worthy non-profit organizations together with sponsoring philanthropic initiatives. The monthly donations will be given to an organization of the community’s choice, based on popular vote.

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