We’re on a mission.

To make the future of finance work for everyone.

To do that, we empower token holders and project developers with a suite of solutions and blockchain opportunities that have innovation, safety, equity, and philanthropy at their core.

Meet our founders

New rules for a new type of DeFi.

The old rules of DeFi didn’t work for everyone. To us, that meant they didn’t work at all. Bad actors—emboldened by an information imbalance and an “anything goes” culture—used every trick in the book to scam honest holders out of hard-earned money.

We think differently, so we wrote a new set of rules and invited new types of players to join us.


Bridges believes in the open source potential of blockchain. To ensure that the exchange is attractive to project developers and is both simple and reassuring to holders, Bridges ensures that approved projects bring innovation.


Bridges is designed from the ground up to be safe for both holders and project developers. Although there is no guarantee of positive returns, both projects and participants are vetted for the purpose of minimizing risk due to scams.


We believe that success is only possible when both holders and project developers are valued equally for their contributions. That’s why we designed Bridges to benefit every participant in the blockchain ecosystem, individually and together.


Bridges believes in “doing well by doing good.” Through our Charity Wallet, we financially support nonprofit organizations chosen by our user community. In addition, we support noble causes through networking, mentoring, and other means.

There’s room on this Bridge for everyone.

More than just our name, Bridges is a movement that connects two groups—holders and developers—that historically had different DeFi experiences.

Bridges for holders

We chose our motto—crypto with a conscience—for a reason. We bridge the gap between the desire for positive returns and the information that helps holders make the best decisions possible. Although Bridges offers no guarantee of positive returns, we thoroughly vet projects (and project developers) to minimize the risk of scams and other threats to safety.
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Bridges for developers

A rising tide lifts all boats, and because our semi-DeFi ecosystem was created with safety and equity in mind, it attracts holders who would otherwise look elsewhere. Bridges isn’t for everyone though. We value developers that bring innovation to the space, and we vet projects to ensure they’re doing something new—even if it’s small. This helps us attract high-quality developers with high-quality projects…. In turn, attracting more holders.
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Our vision: The Bridges ecosystem


Token contract developed
Fairlaunched 13 Nov. 2021
Listed on CMC, CG, & Nomics
Anti-whale cap raised to max.
Audited by CertiK


Exchange development
Beta testing phase
Exchange launch in Q2
Learning platform
Aggregator expansion
Community vetting platform


iOS & Android app
Payments integration
End-to-end DeFi in one app
Risk Disclaimer: Trading and owning cryptocurrencies is risky. You could lose all of your invested capital due to the high volatility and possible lack of sufficient liquidity of cryptocurrencies. Past performance, simulations, and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Please consider if trading and owning cryptocurrencies is appropriate for your financial situation.

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