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Bridges connects you with the world's leading DEXs to identify the best rates and to provide the insights that drive better decisions.
Bridges Exchange: Swap tokens
Swap any token with the best price.
Save money with our DeFi aggregator
See token info and vetting status
BNB chain, Fantom and Polygon supported

Ramp: Buy and sell crypto with fiat
Fund your wallet to get started.
Buy crypto directy by credit card, bank transfer, and even ApplePay
Purchase coins, stablecoins, and tokens
Partnership with Ramp Network

Bridges Knowledgebase
Crypto and DeFi from A-Z.
Get started learning about DeFi
Learn how to swap on Bridges Exchange
DeFi glossary to learn all the lingo

Referral program: Invite your friends
Earn Bridge$ just by sharing Bridges Exchange.
Rewards based on dividends generated
Three reward layers and multipliers
Rewards funded by Bridges Team

Bridge$ Token: Our foundation
Earn dividends based on exchange volume.
Dividends in BNB, BUSD, BTC, and more!
Boost your dividends by staking
Leverage liquidity providing and farming

Why Bridges?

Our mission is to make the future of finance work for everyone. To do that, we empower token holders and project developers with information and capabilities that drive better decisions and that make participation in DeFi more accessible to all.

The best swap possible
It's a simple fact: There are a lot of places to make a swap, but only one way to get the lowest price on it. That's why there's Bridges. We scour the world's leading chains and DEXes to find—and execute—the best swaps on your behalf, saving you both time and money.

Multiple liquidity sources
Bridges is way more than just a DeFi exchange. We connect you with the world's leading chains and exchanges to make it easier to swap… well, just about any token you can imagine.

Deeper insights
Other aggregators simply facilitate the swap. Bridges facilitates better decision making with information about both a project and its token as well as how much money you can save by executing your swap with us versus anyone else.

Ramp equipped
From CEXes to DEXes and wallets to bank accounts, getting money in and out of DeFi can be difficult—to the point of discouraging participation. Bridges aims to change that. Our easy-to-use on/off-ramp capabilities enable you to use nothing more than a credit card to get in and out DeFi quickly, and easily.

Coming soon: Crowdsourced due diligence
Bridges is committed to safety, equity, and innovation, and we've turned these commitments into a suite of product capabilities that make it easier to learn about the tokens that you swap. Members of the Bridges community rate and review DeFi projects across a variety of indicators, helping you make the best decisions possible.
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